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About the Association


General Foundation Adachi Tourism Exchange Association, promotion and tourism that residents and visitors can enjoy, through the interaction of the sister city and friendship municipalities, the expansion of the city of creation and ward consumption with a bustle throughout the year aim, and is intended to contribute to the activation of the wards economy.



(1) on the use and discovery and creation of tourism resources that take advantage of the characteristics of the town
(2) on the holding of tourism events
(3) Domestic and it is related to residents exchanges abroad
(4) tourism and culture the private sector do, education, sports, about the support of the residents exchange programs of economy such as that
(5) relating to research, information collection and transmission related to tourism and exchange
(6) on cooperation and support of the organizations and individuals such as that involved in the community development through tourism
(7) District, as well as that related to the sales of specialty and articles of the alternating current city
(8) other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association

■ Articles of Incorporation (PDF data
■ Director, etc. roster (PDF data
■ Business plan · Budget
 令和2年度事業計画書(PDF data
 令和2年度収支予算書(PDF data
■ Business Report · Settlement
 令和元年度事業報告書(PDF data
 令和元年度決算報告書(PDF data


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