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Pickup information

Adachi Mystery Hunter

"Adachi Mystery Hunter goes" to solve mysteries and folklore in various places in Adachi-ku! The second time we investigated the Ayase region, which was once said that the Shinsengumi stayed!

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Gourmet information

Adjunct gourmet chew

That's it! Let's eat vegetables! (first half)

The amount of vegetable intake required per day is 350 g or more. I also want to eat a lot for my health. In June, which is also the "food education month", we introduce shops that can eat delicious vegetable dishes ♪

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Town events information

The 17th book salon

Friday 22nd (Fri) is a book's night event produced by "Senju Publishing"! Please bring your "best cartoon" this time. Let 's talk about liquor with participants.

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Spot information

Cool monthly cool and blooming exhibition

It is a summer exhibition of the six-town museum · flora held from Friday, June 1. You can enjoy cool and beautiful works. Also do not miss the planned project "Mr. Hayashi Kazuko's Taming Mai Fan Mini Technique Creation Exhibition".

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Adachi of fireworks

Machi photo gallery