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Pickup information

Adachi Sento Recommendation

The season when I miss bathing. If you warm up slowly, the strength of your solid shoulder will escape and you will be able to smile yourself and yourself. This time I will introduce the sento to enter the steam sauna without additional charge.

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Gourmet information

Adjunct gourmet chew

Bonenkai / New Year's party feature (latter half)

Speaking of year-end and new year, year-end party & New Year's party season! Have you decided the shop yet? This time, the secretary-san must-see! We will introduce shops recommended for Bonenkai & New Year party.

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Town events information

Japanese Art Festival

How about a New Year 's Day at a ninja show at Kita Senju Buddhist Temple?
Also at the main hall is the demonstration of experiential Japanese dancing that parents and children enjoy. Please experience "real Japanese culture" by all means.

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Spot information

Senju street station (Senju area)

At Senju Tourist Information Center "Senju-gai Sta. Station", on Saturday of every month, Senju-cho walking tour "Route 1010" is held. It is an event that you can participate easily without reservation.

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5 major events

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