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About Adachi-ku sightseeing exchange association member

We are looking for members in Reiwa 2!

Through the promotion of tourism projects that citizens and visitors can enjoy and mutual exchange with sister cities and friendship municipalities, the association creates crowded city and year-round throughout the year, It is aimed for the purpose of contributing to the activation of Why do not you join us at this opportunity to support Adachi Ward Tourism Exchange Association?


Guidance of admission

Join how

Please contact the following information from the telephone or inquiry form.
1 Your name
2 Your address
3 Your phone number
4 Desired membership category (Platinum members, Gold members, Regular members)

After the reception, a postal transfer form will be mailed, so please transfer the membership fee from the post office (the transfer fee will be borne by the association).


Membership period · Membership card

The membership period for Reiwa 2 is from the enrollment to March 31 of Reiwa 3rd year.

After completing the enrollment procedure, the association will send you a membership card.

* Due to the decision to cancel the 42nd Adachi Fireworks, member benefits related to fireworks have been removed. Please apply after consent.


Membership category

Please choose from the following three categories. All membership categories can be applied regardless of individuals or groups (membership with multiple entries is also possible).

1 Platinum member (annual fee 100,000 yen)
2 Gold members (annual fee 10,000 yen)
3 regular members (annual fee 5,000 yen)


Membership benefit list


Special mention Membership category

Platinum member

Gold Members

Regular members

HP Publication of local event information

Event Guide
Send information magazine


City Tourist Information Magazine (Japanese)

City tourist information magazine(Foreign language)

※ Local event information that can be posted is limited to those that are not for profit, and that do not impair the publicity and dignity of the association's website.




Association's main business (Reiwa 2)

Tourism business

【中止】舎人公園桜ライトアップ     3月20日(金)~ 4月 5日(日) 
【中止】舎人公園千本桜まつり      4月 4日(土)・ 4月 5日(日)  
【中止】あだち花季行 花めぐりバス   4月 4日(土)・ 4月 5日(日)  
【中止】第42回足立の花火         5月30日(土)         
【中止】しょうぶまつり&世界の食広場  6月 6日(土)・ 6月 7日(日)  
[Cancelled] Adachi City Resident Festival A-Festa2020 October 10th (Sat), October 11th (Sun)
◆光の祭典2020             12月 5日(土)~12月25日(金) 〔予定〕 


PR business

◆Stamp Rally (Osenju, Takenotsuka)
◆Walking in Senju area, paused
◆Operating the rest area "Senjugai Station", all year round
 ご利用の際は、Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseasesThank you for your cooperation.
◆ Support for regional revitalization (support for group regional business) ◆ Full year


Exchange project

[September Cancellation] Friendship City Tourism PR Product Exhibition "KYU+A" (Cure) Twice a year
[Cancellation] Belmont City/Adachi City Residents Exchange Experience Tour Early August
◆Belmont City Mission Acceptance, January 2021

* Business may be changed or canceled.