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[Pickup] Rediscover the charm of Kitasenju!ニ ュ ー Newcomer in Senju enjoyed by Kitasenju Girls -SENJO-

Recently, "Kitasenju" often taken up in magazines and media.
Now, to Kita Senju like that"SENJO"Do you know that the "new boom" of women called "a new boom" is occurring?
"SENJO"What's"Kita Senju girls = Senjo"means.
It is about women who re - discover Kita - Senju 's new charm and enjoy Kitasenju.
"SENJO" to push forward with such a state-of-the-art lifestyle.
The theme this time is "Senju's Newcomer Enjoyed by SENJO".
Introducing the recently opened shops that will blow a new breeze for Senju with SENJO.

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