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There are lots of parks full of richness to Adachi. Let's enjoy green in Adachi-ku's park!

imageName of facilityStreet addresstraffic
Flower Fields memorial garden-OkateiAdachi-ku, flower garden chome No. 40 No. 1Takenotsuka Station (East Exit) bus park entrance and get off a 3-minute walk
Adachi Horinouchi ParkAdachi-ku, Horinouchi chome No. 1 No. 1
Oyata parkAdachi-ku, Oyata chome No. 4 No. 1
Oyata South Park (traffic park)Adachi-ku Nakagawa chome No. 42 No. 1
Kasai water hydrophilic waterwayFrom Adachi-ku Mutsuki Third Street No. 38 to Nakagawa four chome
Kitashikahama park (traffic park)Adachi-ku, Shikahama Sanchome No. 26 No. 1
Kuwabukuro biotope parkAdachi-ku, flower garden eight-chome No. 2 No. 2
Iris marsh parkAdachi-ku Yanaka chome No. 4 No. 1
Shinmei Mutsuki promenadeShinmei Adachi-ku from Adachi-ku, Mutsuki 3-chome 39 3-chome 30
Urban agriculture parkAdachi Shikahama 2-44-1
Metropolitan TonerikoenAdachi-ku, Kojiya chome, chome addition
Metropolitan Higashiayase parkHigashiayase chome from Adachi-ku, Ayase Sanchome
Eight Kamura dropped hydrophilic green roadTowa Adachi-ku from Adachi-ku, Towa 2-chome, 28 1-chome 30
Belmont ParkAdachi-ku, Umejima chome 33 No. No. 7
Minuma fee Water ParksKojiyahon cho Yonchome from Adachi-ku Toneri Yonchome
Motofuchi KokoenAdachi-ku, Hokima chome 17th No. 1
A street walk of five colors cherry blossomsAdachi-ku Horinouchi
Gyarakushi tee (Children's Future Creation Museum, Nishiarai Culture Hall)Adachi-ku, Kurihara chome third No. 1Nishiarai Station (East Exit) 3-minute walk
Folk museumAdachi-ku, Oyata Chome No. 20 No. 1Kameari bus Adachi Provincial Museum before getting off a 1-minute walk from the train station
Theater 1010Adachi-ku Senju Sanchome 92
Senju Mirudisu Ichibankan 10th floor 11th floor
Kita-Senju Station (west exit) walk soon
Biological GardensAdachi-ku, Hokima chome 17th No. 1Kita-Senju Station, bus Hokima Nakadori get off from Takenotsuka Station, a 5-minute walk
Ishihora MuseumAdachi-ku Senjuhashido cho address 23Keisei Main Line Senju-Ōhashi Station 3-minute walk
Tokyo Center for the ArtsAdachi-ku Senju chome No. 4 No. 1Kita-Senju Station (west exit) an 8-minute walk
Recycling center, "Adachi Play Museum"Adachi-ku Chuohon-cho, chome No. 9 No. 1Gotanno Station a 10-minute walk
Rokumachi Museum FloraAdachi-ku, six-cho, chome 5 No. 35Rokuchō Station and get off at 5-minute walk
Station of rest processing Senju district3-69 Senju, Adachi-ku3 minutes walk from Tobu Sky Tree Line, JR Joban Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Chiyoda Line, Tsukuba Express Kitasenju Station

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