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【あだちミステリーハンター】竹の塚 赤山街道は都内屈指の数を誇るカラーマンホール密集地帯

2020/12/24   -pick up

「竹の塚 赤山街道には、都内屈指の数を誇るカラーマンホール密集地帯がある」  年 ...

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[Recommendation for Adachi sento]

2020/04/01   -pick up

After relaxing in an open-air bath or hot spring, if you can relax with a cat ... just imagine that you can relax ...

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[Important Notice] About the 42nd Adachi Fireworks Cancellation

The 42nd Adachi Fireworks, which was scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 30, ...


Kita-Senju Women-SENJO-Enjoy Newcomers in Senju

2020/03/04   -pick up

Recently, "Kitasenju" often taken up in magazines and media. Now, Kita senju like that ... "...

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Sponsored the "42nd Adachi Fireworks" advertisement, started posting names and entering the houseboat

The 42nd Adachi Fireworks Day This is the 42nd time this year, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and ...

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"Light Festival 2019" is held until December 25! !

The Festival of Lights 2019, which is held on the theme of `` Five Continent Animals '', will be held on December 25 ...

Suggestions of the Chad

[Recommendation of Adachi sento] artificial hot spring Akemiyu

2019/12/04   -pick up

In the cold season, it feels a bit unsatisfactory if you just take a bath at home. That's when the hot spring ...

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Held from November 30 today! Light Festival 2019

From November 30th (Sat), Adachi City's winter feature “Festival of Lights 2019” will start ...

Sento Uiben and Kakerutan

Ask the public bath event organizer! “I want to spread the enjoyment of public baths – the thoughts of a public bath manager event”

2019/08/23   -pick up

It was held at Galaxy City for two days, August 15 (Thursday) and 16 (Friday).

Suggestions of the Chad

[Recommendation of Adachi sento] The 11th "Yamatoyu"

The days when the temperature gets lower gradually. On such days, warm your body in a public bath ...