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INFO - For Adachi

A place like the Adachi-ku,



Here Adachi

Adachi-click map


To go to Adachi Ward

Adachi clock train map


Example of access from the main station to Kita-Senju Station

Departure stationTransportation routeTime required
Ueno StationJR Joban Line or Tokyo Metro Hibiya LineAbout 10 minutes
Tokyo StationJR Ueno Tokyo lineAbout 20 minutes
Asakusa StationTobu Sky Tree lineAbout 15 minutes
Sky Tree Station
Tobu Sky Tree lineAbout 10 minutes
Haneda airportTokyo Monorail → [Hamamatsucho Station Transfer] → JR Yamanote Line → [Ueno Station Transfer] → JR Joban LineAbout 60 minutes
Haneda airportHaneda Airport line busAbout 45 minutes

Transportation in Adachi-ku,

○ train

· JR East - Tobu Railway
- Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Tokyo Metro
Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Nippori-Toneri liner)
·Tsukuba Express

○ bus

Toei bus Tobu bus
International Kogyo bus - Keisei bus
- Keisei Town bus Community bus spring breeze

○ Community cycle adachi


The community cycle "Adachiri" has been suspended since Sunday, January 19, 1980.
For more information,Community cycle `` Adadari '' (*) operation suspendedPlease see the page.

It is mutual entry possible community cycle in the bicycle parking in Adachi-ku, (three places).
Please use of sightseeing or business, or the like.

How to use

[Application] destination each bicycle parking control room
[Fee] 200 yen once (one day use)
[Holiday] December 31-January 3 January from 1 day
[Target] April 1, those over 15 years old
※ When the application is, what can be identified as your identity (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.) please bring.

● Takenotsuka west bicycle parking
[Location] Nishitakenotsuka 2-12-2
[Contact] 03-5837-0505
[Rental] time [weekday] morning 30 minutes to 8:00 pm at 6 [Sundays and public holidays] 8:00 pm from 8:00 am

● Daishimae bicycle parking
[Location] Nishiarai 1-16-15
[Contact] 03-3890-3992
[Rental] time [weekday] morning 30 minutes to 8:00 pm 6 o'clock [Sunday holiday] morning 30 minutes to 8:00 pm 8:00
(Lending acceptance of Sundays and public holidays until 12:30 pm 8:30 am)

● TONERI-KŌEN STATION under bicycle parking
[Location] Tonerikoen 1-10
[Contact] 03-3856-7491
[Rental] time [weekday] morning 30 minutes to 8:00 pm 6 o'clock [Sunday holiday] morning 30 minutes to 8:00 pm 8:00
(Lending acceptance of Sundays and public holidays until 12:30 pm 8:30 am)


To explore the Adachi Ward

It is a pamphlet and a walking map where taste of Adachi is tightly packed.

Map with stamp rally

Daisenju-map Takenoduka-map

Tokyo's Adachi City


Adachi Twilight Adventures


Ochaca of Adachi


Walk map, or other feature corner here
* Walking smartphones are very dangerous. Let's enjoy walking around the city.

Station of rest processing Senju district

Senju gore Roh equi

[Although it was closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, it opened on Wednesday, June 24]

In Machinaka of Senju, or can feel free to break, it is on hiatus treatment that it is possible to know the information of the city.
To prepare a pamphlet of convenient walk map and events to explore would like to welcome everyone.

[Hours] 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (pm January 1 to 3 days are 10 am to pm 4)
(Open the case Tuesday of the holidays and January 1 to 3 days) [holiday Museum Date] Tuesday, the end of the year (every year from December 29 to 31, 2008)
[Living plants] Adachi-ku Senju 3-69 (as a post town)
[Access] 5 minutes on foot from JR Joban Line, Tobu Sky Tree Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Chiyoda Line, Tsukuba Express Kitasenju Station
[Phone number] 080-6630-8037


Friendship cities and sister city exchanges of Adachi-ku,

Three domestic cities (Niigata Prefecture Uonuma City, Nagano Prefecture Yamanouchi-machi, Tochigi Prefecture Kanuma) and partnered with overseas one city (Western Australia Belmont City), we are promoting the exchange program.

■ Friendship City (friendship municipality)

● Niigata Prefecture Uonuma (1982 October alliance)
Half a century ago, in the wake of the ski school districts organized, which was held in the old Koide cho, child exchange of courtesies meeting has been carried out from 1962 through 51 years.
This is now a chance to tie a tie.
As the only route from Niigata to go to Oze that has been designated as a national park, you can enjoy the scenery while overlooking the lake cruise-Jukai.
Uonuma Homepage

● Nagano Prefecture Yamanouchi-machi (1982 October alliance)
During the Second World War, children of Adachi-ku, it is a chance to have school children evacuated to the town Yamanouchi, it has signed a partnership.
Four seasons of splendid Shiga Kogen and North Shiga Kogen blessed with natural, hot water Yamanouchi town with a rich Yuda Chushibu hot spring village is also famous as a tourist destination.
Yamanouchi-machi Homepage

● Tochigi Prefecture Kanuma (1992 October alliance)
1984, Adachi-ku, has signed a tie-up in the wake of that it has opened an outdoor recreation center in Kanuma city.
Colorful flowers compete "Satsuki Festival" and the gorgeous sculpture stalls pay out, such as "Buttsuke festival" has been known throughout the country.
Kanuma Homepage

● friendship city exchange program "KYU + A (curing)" project
And PR the friendship the three cities of Adachi-ku, is a project to further deepen exchanges.
It tells the charm of each city such as through tourism PR product exhibition.

[The "KYU + A"]
Friendship 3 city of Adachi-ku, "Kanuma (K)", "Yamanouchi (Y)" words, plus "A" Adachi to the initials of "Uonuma (U)" District.
"Care (care)" (attention, interest, care, etc.) as a coined word, meaning such as "something important" has been put.
The illustration of the symbol of the project, each city flower (Kanuma "Satsuki", Yamanouchi-machi "apple", Uonuma "Katakuri"), and has been drawn bird "Warblers" Yamanouchi-machi and Uonuma.

■ sister city

● Australia Belmont City (October 1984 alliance)

Adachi Park

Adachi Park

Belmont City, about 3,000 kilometers west of Australia's capital Canberra, located in the Western Australia state capital Perth.
It has the Perth International Airport, with a population of about 3 million people, an area of ​​40 square kilometers.
Opportunity of exchange is due to offer from the Belmont City saw the public relations magazine of the English version of Adachi-ku, was issued to commemorate the ward system 50 anniversary.
Adachi Park in Belmont city has become the resting place of citizens.
Belmont City Home
Sister city tie-up 25th anniversary page (2009 creation)
Sister city tie-up 25th anniversary page English version (2009 creation)

● sister city exchange program
Homestay by each student Adachi Ward Belmont City from 1986 began.
From 2005 held the Adachi ward residents exchange experience tour, also spread exchange at the citizen level.


Tourism Exchange Association character introduction Adachi

Nice to meet you! Is the "cheers" Adachi Tourism Exchange Association.
I would like to convey the tourist information favorite Adachi-ku!
Since Moya' Twitter irregularly, please follow ♪