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Adachi of fireworks

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Adachi fireworks participate! Let's all make Adachi fireworks exciting!
  • "Adventure of Adventure Fireworks Children PR Ambassador" produces fireworks!
    Types of fireworks that 10 elementary students in the city considered thought. Please look forward to what fireworks will come up!
  • Plus one for music and fireworks collaboration! ~ Enjoy with "applause of light" ♪
    Anything such as smartphone, pen light, flashlight etc. OK! Let's shake the "shiny things" and make the advent of the Adachi fireworks everyone!
Download Adachi here
Please start in a place with good communication environment beforehand


19: 30

The first act "The new beginning"

It is the beginning of Japan's first in-process fireworks "Illumination tree".
Countdown with children ambassador PR!
Child-produced fireworks (first half)
19: 42

The second act "Forever Flower"

Please enjoy the vivid colors of traditional "Waka" delicate hues and "rainbow" using the latest technology.
19: 55

Act 3 "Go on the Sakura Highway"

Fireworks that imaged cherry blossoms "Thousand Rings" dyes all over the night sky in red.
Child Produce Fireworks (latter half)
20: 11

Act 4 "On the Starry Night"

We will slowly launch fireworks "Sayaki Itoyanagi (Sayaki Itoya)" that hangs over greatly. Please enjoy the scenery as if the star crumbled down.
20: 23

Act 5 "The Golden Weeping Sakura"

Do not miss the finale of the masterpieces that will bring about 4,000 shots at a stroke together with the synonymous "Advent of the Advent of Adachi Fireworks!"
After the end, let 's tell the impressions to the fireworks masters with "applause of light"!
(For details, please listen to the announcement of the day)


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