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Adachi City Photo Gallery

Adachi town photo galleryIt ended on Tuesday, March 31, 2nd Reiwa

Thank you for submitting many works.
In addition, about Adachi City street photo contest held once a year, we carry out sequentially.

Adachi Town Front Platform
Four seasons of scenery, the city's landscape, such as such as local festivals and events,
Everyone is a photo gallery that attractive Adachi of "now" in the pictures taken.
Please send us a photo of you have taken "seasonal Adachi" by all means.

[Application period]Year-round (recruiting seasonal photo for each four seasons)
[Post qualification]Anyone can post (please junior high school students following the consent of the guardian)
[Post score]Up to 10 people per month per month
* If there are postings beyond 10 points from those with the same poster address and e-mail address, we consider it as a post from the same person, and prioritize works with the earliest contribution date.
※ For confirming the content, it may take several days until publication after posting, but the number of postings will be counted in the month to which the submission date belongs.
About the photos]
It was submitted those that post in person was taken to the most recent (within approximately 1 month), as long as photographs have actually copyright and usage rights.
※ However, contributors commercially available by the principal of the production purpose with no publications and principal of the home page, the work which was posted on the SNS, etc. can post.
If you use the name of another person, if you quote the work of others is a violation.
* Even within Adachi-ku, pictures taken at private residences and pictures of only subjects appearing larger are excluded.
[Photo format and size]
※ extreme image processing in the digital ones, which is the (synthetic and deformation, etc.) can not be posted.
【How nice! Rankings]
※ for one of the works, will be up to 1 terminal one vote.
【Submission period】
We will offer recruitment themes every quarter and recruit them yearly.
* Adachi-gai Photo Gallery Winter Edition is open from January 1 (Wednesday) to March 31 (Tuesday) 5:00 pm.

[Posted privilege]
Every season, we will present gifts of special products of friendly city (Yamanouchi-machi, Nagano prefecture, Uonuma city, Niigata prefecture, Kanuma city, Tochigi prefecture) and common gift certificates within the city.

① acclaimed works from visitors
 1位 3,000円相当
 2位 2,000円相当
 3位 1,000円相当

② towards the largest contributor
 1,000円相当 1名

③ by lot from among all the contributors
 500円相当 3名


* When multiple winning works by the same contributor are given, the posting benefit will be a gift of only the highest privilege. There is no advance of works below the 4th place.
* If the contributor of the “Like! Ranking” winning work is the same as the “Maximum contributor”, the “Like! Ranking” benefit will be applied. There is no advancement of contributors below the runner-up.
* If the number of "likes" in the ranked winning works is the same, lottery will be made and the rank will be decided.
* When the number of posts of "Most Posted Contributors" is the same number, a lottery will be held and a contribution benefit will be given to one person.
※ The prize are unavoidably subject to change without notice.

[Submission]Click on the following banner, in posting sites that are linked, please post a photo.

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